Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity Packages from Design Elements USADesign magnate Steven Gilliatt said “[A logo] should look just as good in 15-foot letters on top of company headquarters as it does one sixteenth of an inch tall on company stationery.”
Considering everywhere a logo goes, its design and use can be some of the most important decisions a company makes.
And the logo isn’t just about what’s on the paper, it’s part of the deep impressions a company makes on a person, the kind that become part of pop culture: “I’m a Mac person.”
This kind of brand identity doesn’t come easily:

  • You have to have a clear plan for your company.
  • You have to be consistent in your policies and actions.
  • You have to have a vision for the idea you want in the customer’s mind.

Design Elements USA works closely with your company to ensure your message, vision and values are accurately incorporated into your logo design and corporate identity package.

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