Local Search & Your Business

How does the internet affect your business?

Just a few years ago a small business owner might not have thought that it was necessary to pay any attention to their exposure on Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other search engine or service directory unless they were looking to set up an online shop or perhaps to list some goods on Ebay. Even then, they might have thought that their attention and hard-earned dollar was better served by traditional marketing means such as YP, Radio, TV or Print.

In today’s business environment, however, every business owner, small or large needs to pay attention to trends in Internet marketing and most specifically – Local Search Marketing.

97% of internet users in the USA and abroad utilize the internet daily in their search for goods or services they need in their LOCAL area and 2/3 of those consumers prefer to research online and make their purchases offline – or in the store… Your Store.

As business owners you are under an obligation to cater to the need of your customers – and that includes making your products, services, business address, business hours, phone numbers, sale items, and more accessible to these consumers ONLINE if you wish to stay abreast or ahead of your competition.

Some think this means they must have a website, which is an expense they are not comfortable with – yet truly this is not the case.

While Design Elements USA is a Website Development Company in nature – what we really are all about is providing businesses and others with the tools they need to not just survive – but succeed in our ever-increasing digital society and marketplace.

Along these lines we have partnered with a truly amazing company to provide High-Quality, Guaranteed¬† Local Search Marketing results. We can get your business found on Google’s Page one, in both Local Search Results (Maps Area), Niche directories, Adwords Areas AND in the Organic Search Results found below the maps on Google, Bing, Ask, AOL, Yahoo, MSN and many many (over 100+) more.

All this will be accomplished without taking up much of your time (generally 1-2 hours is all that’s needed), and without a hefty price tag.¬† A small up-front investment and low monthly payments makes for Local search marketing campaigns any business owner can afford, and frankly can’t afford to do without.

Do yourselves (and your business’s bottom line)¬† a favor and contact us today to get a jump on your competition and reap the rewards in 2011!

To your success !

Design Elements USA